got busy this week end… trumpeter vampire

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  • Laloux François said 8 years ago:

    a decent kit, good fit with very minimum putty required.
    Interior of the kit is quite basic, but i guess the after market guys will take care of it.

    The kit needed a lot of weight , i finally got it right, but it is an almost tail sitter.



    4 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  • Tom Cleaver said 8 years ago:

    Looks great. Saw your post at The Other Site – only 9 hours total? Pretty impressive.

    There’s been some “back and forth” about the accuracy of the kit with regard to shape outline, I think the comments were the fuselage is a bit wide and the wing is a bit narrow in chord, but comparing my (very expensive) resin Alley Cat Vampire (which is right) to this, it certainly looks “close enough,” and for certain a whole lot better than the Hobbycrap Vampires ever did.

    Good work.

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