My first contact with scale modelling occured at age of five when my dad, a railway modeller, built few 1/72 kits in our living room. Apparently, it interested me more than locomotives and tracks. My folks were divorced later, my old man left and he left an unasembled kit behind. I was researching the instructions from time to time, enjoying the assembly steps drawn nicely on the small sheet of paper. One day, when I get back from the school, nobody was home and I felt ready to begin with my first kit. It was the worst choice for the rookie – Letov S.328, a biplane with floats. Nevermind the difficulties of such kit, I built that plane on the living room floor in the matter of hours. No paint, no abrasives, no colors. Just tons of glue, but I made it and I am hooked since then.

I’ve built many kits of various scales over the teen age, including jets, helicopters, cars, motorcycles and ships. It was not easy since my stepfather had some problem with me and he never hesitated to smash my models against the wall to make me cry. I cried a lot, but never gave up and even if it was horrible, it taught me something.

Around the age of 20 I discovered girls, alcohol and other fun aspects of life. Right there, my dark ages began. I did not build since then until now. Now I hope I can start again where I left this wonderful hobby and that my little one will be as inspired as I was watching my dad assembling such amazing builds.