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MiG-29A – The Last GDR Eagle

Recent addition to my collection of East German Air Force jets is their last fighter jet MiG-29A, which was commissioned on spring 1988. This particular airframe is the only one ever pictured with air to air weaponry within the LSK-NVA service. After the reunion of Germany in 1990, MiG-29s were transferred to Luftwaffe and served until year 2003, when each aircraft was sold to Poland for a single Euro each. Red 661 was borrowed to USAF in early 90’s for thorough testing, which took nearly two years.

I have used 1/72 model kit from Trumpeter with aftermarket from Eduard and Master. I also wanted to give a go to my own PE designs (gun muzzle, air vents and grills) and scratch built parts (open service panel). I have used Mr. Paint, Gunze and Valejjo colors. Weathering was rather simple as these birds did not seen much action nor long service life.

I have added pictures of the MiG-29A sitting on the display base made by my dear friend Alex Nevsorow from Belarus. I also took pictures of the first and last fighter jets of the LSK-NVA. And last but not least picture of my LSK-NVA jet collection so far.

I hope you will enjoy a little bit of history of the airframe and the pictures I took after 365 days of building progress.

19 additional images. Click to enlarge.

16 responses to MiG-29A – The Last GDR Eagle

  1. This is a stunning model, fabulous and an award winner. Great Job!

  2. Gorgeous model! Super!

  3. I like the photo of the first and the last. A historic aircraft, done beautifully. Did Poland also get the former Czech Mig 29s?

  4. Wow, and it’s 1/72? Flawless build, one of the best Fulcrum I’ve seen in any scale. Congratulations, the years work paid off with credits 😉

  5. wonderful work, probably the most beautiful Mig-29 I’ve ever seen

  6. Best 1/72 I’ve ever seen. What a magnificent model.

  7. Agree with above – a beautifully done model, especially for the scale (and I only build 1/72)! Love all the extra work you put into it, and the finish work is just superb.

  8. Ooohhh….I LIKE that. Very nice build, sir!

  9. Awesome work and detailing. Painting, weathering, base. Excellent.!!! And all these in 1/72.

  10. Hi,

    Beautiful work 🙂


  11. Nice and clean job! Love how you improved Trumpeter’s model, especially the closed auxiliary intakes.

  12. David did an excellent effort on a this 1:72 MIG-29. I like the model very much and the builder has proven his exceptional talent. Nicely done!!!

  13. We don’t see many DDR aircraft and now they’re gone.

    I wish someone would sell ME a Mig29 for one Euro! Although I’m not sure where I’d put it …


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