Retired RAF airman and MoD Civil Servant living in Bristol. I spent most of my career in Flight Simulators first as a technician and later in the CS as a programmes manager. I finished my career at the end of 2015.

Having built models as a kid and as an Air Force apprentice in the early 70s, I dabbled a couple of times with RC aircraft, tank and car. The aircraft were fun to build but my lack of flying skills saw the end of my RC aircraft phase, I couldn't repair it quickly enough! The tank and car were again fun to build but eventually not interesting enough to 'play' with.

I was dormant until 2009, a love of F1 and Lewis Hamilton's success in 2008 inspired my wife to buy me the DeAgostini McLaren. It lit the long extinguished flame that has started me modelling again.

I like to build WW2 aircraft but have recently been building more stuff without wings! I've also discovered the fun of building dioramas, so I'm sure there is a lot of variety in my Modelling future!