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RIAF Hurricane Mk IIc, India 1944

May 23, 2024 · in Aviation · · 36 · 343

All the accolades for 's Mk IIC - their first venture into 1/48th scale - are totally justified as it's one heck of a fine kit. Sure, there are a couple of blips but the incredibly detailed molding and well thought out construction sequences and superb fit more than make up for them, hands down.

I chose to model a Tropical IIC variant with Royal Indian Air Force markings BE6433 “EG.N” of the 34th squadron based at Palel Airfield in the Imperial Valley, India 1944. (Decals and sparse info by XtraDecal)

Interestingly enough, construction begins with the detailed wheel well assembly and quickly moves on to the wings. This makes sense because the cockpit floor is molded to the outer topside of the wheel well assembly.

The fuselage halves lined up perfectly, nice and tight with almost no filler needed. I slid the completed wing assembly with the cockpit in place from the bottom of the fuselage, easy peasy. Again, perfect lineup. I ran a continuous piece of tape from the port wing tip to the starboard tip to insure a tight fit and proper dihedral as an extra precaution while the adhesives set. Everything else was done in small assembly batches and painted according to Arma Hobby's very clear instructions which I read three times before commencing construction and followed them to a tee.

My only major gripe: how come no PE seatbelts? Instead, Arma provides passé decal belts that are seriously lame looking and detract from the quality of the kit. Positioning the windscreen clear piece to the fuselage requires a bit of finesse and frustration as a snug fit is just not there. For the nitpickers like me, there is an obvious oversight of the fuselage formation light just ahead of the antenna mast that's shown on the box art and on all the instruction illustrations. Easily solved with a bit of white glue!

To their credit, Arma Hobby has gone one step further with attention to detail by providing location holes for those who want to add pieces of stretched sprue to replicate rudder cables, rear ventral radiator linkage rods and vent supports which I did. I used stretched sprue for brake lines.

For reference, I consulted Valiant Wings' superb Airframe & Miniature Hawker Hurricane book No. 16.

Paints used were mostly Tamiya acrylics thinned with Mr. Color Leveling Thinner 400 and sealed with Allclad II Klear Kote Flat. MIG pigments and Tamiya Panel Line Accents were used for weathering. I purchased a few 3D print goodies from Eduard - wheels, cannons and PE RAF seat belts.

Arma Hobby gets my vote with this one. It certainly smokes Hasegawa's Hurricanes. I enjoyed every minute putting it together and look forward to building their Mk II B variant down the road.

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  1. Wonderfully done! From your description, yet another kit to add to my ever growing stash…

  2. Wow, you really went the extra mile, Eric (@eb801), and the results really show. I have this kit in my garage and I think it's time to move it closer to the top of the queue. Well done.

  3. That’s a smart Hurricane, Eric. We can never have enough SEAC models.

  4. Excellent Hurricane, Eric! Nice extra jobs,as well!

  5. That looks superb Eric. Excellent result.

    It's no surprise that ARMA won Kit Of The Year at the recent hobby show (Germany?) with their Hurricane series. They blow every other Hurricane kit out of the water.

    • Gracias, Tom @tcinla. It certainly does blow the competition out of the water. I hope Arma releases a Mk I series in 48th. Great customer service as well. They replaced a broken part pronto as the box arrived partially squashed.

  6. An excellent Hurricane, Eric @eb801
    This is an aircraft still missing on my shelf but after yours I'm pretty sure it will be an Arma Hobby when I start building one.

  7. Well done all around, Eric.

  8. Excellent build, a real beauty!

  9. Eric, (@eb801), this is an outstanding build. Truly excellent work going on here. I remember first hearing about the Hurricane from Arma more than two years ago and immediately purchasing their PZL fighter so they could have money to use for the Hurricane development. I knew I was going to get one as soon as it became available. From what you and others have said, and from what I've seen in my own copy, these thoughts are well justified.

  10. What a wonderful built Hurricane, Eric!
    I like your attention to details, it makes a very attractive model to look at.
    Thanks for the review of the kit itself, I sure know which to choose once I decide to buy 1/48th Hurricane.

  11. Great Hurricane, Eric @eb801! 🤩 She's definitely a winner and a testament to a great model kit! 👏

  12. A beautiful Hurricane! I too am a huge fan of the Arma Hobby Hurricanes - I built the Sea Hurricane and quickly picked up another. They are incredibly engineered.

    • You’re absolutely right about Arma Hobby. I’m a believer now, Greg @gkittinger. Aside from 1/72, I wonder what subject they will choose for their next 1/48 new tool? Thanks for the complement.

  13. Awesome looking Hurri Eric. Love the paintwork and the extra seat belt details and other scratch builds in the landing gear and air intake. Great work mate 🙂

  14. Bullseye. This build is right on the money. The detailing and weathering are perfect. Gotta love stretched sprue. You've inspired me to pay attention to my work and to do better on my own projects. Thank you.

  15. Fantastic Painting!

  16. @eb801 that ridiculously to small to be real ;). Fantastic build and details Eric! Simply amazing

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