59 years young (Groan!) Modelling since the age of 7(ish!) - usually USAAF/USAF/RAF aircraft in 1/48 or larger. Subjects from mid-WWII to late Vietnam & maybe some odd new stuff thrown in now & then if it interests me enough.
I have been known to model 'targets' & floating things (boats? ships? What's the difference?) and vow that one day I WILL finish that huge Tamiya 'Mighty Mo' kit!
I have modelled motorcycle kits but having a few real ones find I can't get them exactly as I want them in plastic.
Hey-ho & never mind - it relaxes me.
I live in Lincolnshire (Bomber County) in the UK and am currently still working in IT (Yawn!) though I'm retiring this year! (Hoorah!).
Into motorbikes, aircraft, the Military & things of beauty & quality. I love music but not opera! I play the guitar a little and also sing when I feel like it!

Let the good times roll!