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Dragon 1/35 British Army M10c Achilles 17 pounder, Italy 1944

February 22, 2017 · in Armor · · 13 · 2.3K

Dragon British Armoured Division M10c from Italy when it crossed the Savo river in October of 1944 (I think!)
Mounting the QF 17 pounder high velocity anti-tank gun, these vehicles were much feared by the German army at the time.
My last AFV from our last club metting. I love the shape of the series and it was a joy to build & weather this one.
Hope you like it!

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  1. Your armor pieces look pretty good, Gary, but a suggestion if you will - perhaps if you combine all the builds into just one posting, the other participants in the forum won't be shoved off the "front page" so quickly as to not have sufficient "air time" for everyone to have a chance to see 'em. (just sayin')...And thanks for considering an alternate method for your well-deserved contributions, sir.

  2. Gary, since you had posted 5 at once, I'll just comment at one time - all nice builds - good clean representations. Paint looks good, details nice. Well done!

  3. Nice. An effective tank killer and fast as well for the day.

  4. Gary, I like your work and your attention to detail. Keep up the good work and don't stop posting. Looking forward to your next build.

    Two thumbs up on the British Army M10c Achilles 17 pounder.

  5. Shame they didn't (yet) have overhead cover for the crew. Lot better than the 75MMs mounted in half tracks the U S Army dedicated antitank units started off with. Seemed to me the AT elements were playing catch up for a while.
    Good looking build.

  6. You obviously love building armour, Gary, and this one is my favourite of your recent postings. But, have a look at Craig's comments above please.

  7. Gary keep them coming, your work is amazing and inspiring, this sites purpose is to display our love and passion for the hobby, there are no rules unless they are set by the Editor. Otherwise we should encourage to build and display our models. Not discourage. I enjoy seeing as many armor, aircraft and ships even in bunches, cannot get enough of it. Thanks for sharing your good works.

    • Thanks for the kind words Chuck, you cheered me up there mate! - I felt a little deflated by some of the comments on this kit and where I displayed it but hey-ho!
      There's more where that came from.

  8. Gary, the more I look at this, the more I like it! Love them subdued insignia!
    I'll be the TC had Pvt. Dud do the work.
    Anyone who can build more than one at a clip gets my admiration. If you did all 3, I'll put you up for World Leader. Keep in mind that I'm the flunky par excellance.Is there a livery?

  9. Splendid work, Gary! It looks like you just drove it in to take the pictures.

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