Humbly proud to be the current VP of IPMS Ocala. Modeling since I was six years old, which means I've been at it for half a century! I find model building is relaxing (usually), informative (with a few exceptions), and a creative outlet for a guy who is stuck in traditions. I cannot understand why none of my eight children or fourteen grandchildren have taken up my hobby, but I'm still working on them. (I have two more grand kids on the way -- maybe they will become the first of the next generation of modelers in the Knowles family tree!)

I have used my models for educational purposes in schools and clubs. I particularly appreciate the big eyes as they see the contrast and comparison that a slew of models portrays. I also like finding the oddities and eccentricities of the real thing, and then build the model to illustrate it.

Special thanks goes to Ray Waddey, whose huge display at the Fredericktown Mall in the late 70s convinced my young bride that models are cool and not just toys. Thus she permitted me to build even if it took time away from her (within reason).

I build aircraft, ships and armor. My display cases are full and many projects are in storage bins.

I am best known for my many unfinished projects (due to too short an attention span with all the models available to be built.) I am also known for my story telling when it is Show-and-Tell time in our club meetings.