66 years old and started modelling when I was quite young, initially with Frog kits and then Airfix and if we could afford them, Revell kits. Mainly air planes. No Japanese kits available in England at that time. Had quite a few years without any model making, but for a short while I cast my own lead soldiers for war-gaming purposes and then when my son came along, began to build again in earnest. Radio controlled kits, gliders and other aircraft and railway buildings from SuperQuick in paper and cardboard. This led back into railway modelling and then again back to my first love, air planes. Had a good time making a WWII airbattle with several aircraft of the same type flying in formation. Now concentrating on reproducing my five dinky planes from my youth, experimental German aircraft and some of the current fighter bombers that fly overhead here from RAF Mildenhall or Marham. Nice... 🙂