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Little Nellie

October 1, 2017 · in Aviation · · 16 · 2K

Here is a very old kit I found in the attic. Not sure when it was made? It is rather battered.Sale 1:24.

My partner's father in law was Wing Commander Ken Wallis who built and flew this auto gyro in the film.He also flew Wellington bombers in WWII and Convair B 36 nuclear bombers in the late '40;s early 50's. I have already made those two at 1:72nd scale and thought that out of respect for this amazingly talented individual, I would have a go at this too.

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  1. Hi Mike, I have corrected the picture orientation, but would you please tell me how these pics were taken? (camera, phone, iPad etc)

  2. Oh. Well either android phone or tablet. All look fine on my PC but even when I change them around they still appear the wrong way up?

  3. Never seen that kit before, plan on building it then, huh? I was thinking you might look into what it would bring on the market, given it's age and the fact that it's (I think) rather rare.

  4. Wow ! now that one is definitely OLD, I can't wait to see it built though the paint scheme looks tricky.

  5. Sorry that Spit turned out to be a lemon by the way...

  6. That's a lovely old Airfix kit. Released new in 1967, the same year as the Bond movie in which it made it's flights. Rare kit and it sure will be interesting to see it build.

  7. Nice find! I've heard of the kit, but never seen one. Maybe as rare as the Airfix SA-2 guideline missile .

    • Hi Rob, I'd say it's probably rarer (rarer ?,is that a word ?) anyway I think it is because you see the Airfix Sam 2 on ebay quite often but for silly money but these little babies hardly ever do,I'd still build it and one of these days I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a Sam 2 and build it .

  8. Very interesting, Michael!

  9. Definitely cool, almost seems a shame to build it, good luck if you do go ahead.

  10. Well thanks for all your comments. I know this kit is old and I am going to check that all the parts are there before I begin work. But as it has just lain around gathering dust for the last 50 years I can't see the point in not progressing with it, bearing in mind he has 6 great grandchildren all under 7 years of age, 3 boys and 3 girls, and I am probably the only one competent to build it for them. I'm sure that is what Ken would have said.
    Will keep you all posted with developments.

  11. OH DEAR. Now I have had a chance to go through the parts, I have discovered parts missing and some others put together wrongly. SO not sure I can make it after all. ๐Ÿ™ shame

  12. Mind you AIrfix have brought out a new kit at the same scale 1:24 so maybe have to buy that one. At a cost of ยฃ30 on E bay,

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