I’ve been building models , on & off, for over 50 years . Some years it was more off than on. It seems amazing to me that I’m old enough to have had a hobby for more then half a century. Time has slipped away.

World War 2 aircraft , early jet fighter planes up thru the Century series and also World War Two warships, especially submarines and destroyers, are my main interests. Kits outside of those parameters somehow find their way in to my stash and eventually on to my workbench.

Primarily an OOB builder, I try to do my best with what’s in the box. However , I do use aftermarket decals sometimes.

It seems that my interest is mainly in older kits, especially Monogram & Revell models. 1/48 and 1/32 are my preferred scales for aircraft, but I also dabble with 1/72 from time to time.