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1:25 John Deere 40203D Scratch Built

The legendary 4020 was born in 1963 and it’s safe to say a love affair began with many farmers that burns as hot today as it did when they first saw black smoke roll out of the muffler. The 4020 was, and still is, one of those [...]

Fiberglass 1/20 Scale Su-30MKi Indian Air Force

Hello All... Its been long since I posted here. I had been busy building this Large Scale Su-30Mki model. This is a fully scratchbuilt made with foam, foam board, modeling putty and fiberglass and It took almost 1 year to complete this [...]

1/72 scale AV-8 Gempita 3D Printed

Welcome all, This is another experimental project that I have decided to share which is a 3D printed model of the armor vehicle AV-8 Gempita (Malaysian army). The 3d printed armor looks quite detail given the model is not produced by [...]

The Mondoshawan

This is a 3D print of a Mondoshawan from the movie The 5th Element, directed by Luc Besson. The 3D model was resized to fit the buildplate of my Anycubic Photon and it took approx. 12 hours in total to print all the parts. The Water [...]