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AMC DH.2 Lanoe Hawker 1916

WNW 1:32 Tamiya, Alcald and printers ink paint Model Kasten rigging with Gaspatch and Bob's Buckles I'll post separate figure pics

Wingnut Wings 1/32 AMC DH.2 (Lanoe Hawker)

Re-box of WnW discontinued DH.2 kit, supplied with markings for Hawkers machine and includes a lovely resin cast of Hawker himself in the box. Fantastic kit, enjoyed every second of the build, from start to finish. Painted with acrylics [...]

Eduard Airco DH-2. 1/48 Profipak. 14SQN RFC

Hi all, I know I normally construct Australian Flying Corps aircraft but the DH-2 is my all time favourite aircraft. To be fair, this one was used by a sister squadron to 1SQN AFC. Now this is a pretty good kit anyway but I got pretty busy [...]

Eduard 1/48 Airco DH-2

Lovely kit, built straight from the box, apart from some tensioners and anchors which I made from .05 copper wire. I managed to destroy the starboard boom, when trying to iron out a very slight bend, using a hairdryer. I had to take it [...]

Airco DH-2 1/72 Revell

My old job. Would highly recommend to see more construction. (link) Regards, Vlad