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HMS HOOD by Meng

I wanted to try one of these little toon kits for a long time now. They go together well and with some spare parts and a little weathering turn out to be very interesting. Hope you guys like it!

Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Hood

So, what do you do when you haven't built a ship model since you were in Junior High School (back in the early Triassic)? Why, go out and get one of the most complicated kits ever, get all the photoetch possible, and dive right in! This [...]

Trumpeter 1/350 Scale HMS Hood

I have considered this to be the most fun I have ever had building a model. No fiddley photo-etch, except the three or pieces that came with the kit, just open the box and go to town. The only real extra work I did on this kit was to [...]