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J.M.S.D.F. DDG-174 Kirishima (Kongo- Class Destroyer) (1/700)

J.M.S.D.F. DDG-174 Kirishima By Hasegwa (30045, Hyper Detail) in 1/700 scale. My first experience with Hasegawa kits, 1/700 scale, ships and the ocean 😄 Some things happened durung processing, some time passed by, but in the end I'm [...]

New project: JMSDF Ise DDH-182 (1/350 Fujimi) Part 5.

Continued with this project, basically I put the decals and added safety nets, in addition to painting several vehicles and cranes ... I hope to continue moving forward and paint and detail the helicopters, in addition to putting the [...]

New project: JMSDF Ise DDH-182 (1/350 Fujimi) Part 4.

Hi guys, I'm still working on this project, I'm in the painting stage and details on the deck, I just finished paste the island on the flight deck. I was also with work the air group, which will be composed of 12 different aircraft. [...]

New project: JMSDF Ise DDH-182 (1/350 Fujimi) Part 3.

Hi guys, I keep moving forward in the work, I have made several details of antennas, sensors, radars, etc, in addition to a truck and tank type 74 ... besides adding handrails, vertical and inclined ladders ... there is still a lot of [...]

New project: JMSDF Ise DDH-182 (1/350 Fujimi)

That's right, I'm moving forward with a new project, the helicopter carrier Ise, many parts will be changed and others will be added, for this I will occupy the set from Tetra models in railings and safety nets, stairs and handrails from [...]