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Steyr RSO 03- Raupenschlepper Ost (1:100)

The Steyr RSO (Raupenschlepper Ost) is a full-track tractor that was developed and built for the Wehrmacht during World War II. It was intended to facilitate the supply of the fighting units under the problematic road, ground and weather [...]

Steyr RSO 1/35 Das Werk

This is the RSO from Das Werk I finished some time ago. It had been unfinished on the shelf of shame for some time as I wanted a tarp on it but I did not know how and could not find a suitable material. Eventually I made it from thin but [...]

Skoda RSO 1/35

The vehicle was designed by Ferdinand Porsche as an artillery tractor to be used on the eastern front and construction was entrusted to Skoda. It was a poor performance vehicle, with low speed and power and high fuel consumption, so they [...]