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Fonderie Miniature 1/48 Vautour IIB

The Sud-Ouest Aviation (SNCASO) Vautour was an early 50’s mid-sized combat jet, typically employed in the bomber and attack roles, but also having some usage as an interceptor.The type sported a shoulder mounted swept wing and an [...]

Welcome to Mystical Experiences (Workbench build progress of 1/48 Fonderie Miniature Vautour IIB)

Hi everyone! A week ago I decided to give this beast a go. Tom Cleaver warned me about the difficulty of the kit and guess what: he's spot-on right! The plastic texture could well be used for lunar surface simulation, there are tons of [...]

Hi-Tech 1/48 Vautour IIN

Though largely unknown today, the Vautour series of all-weather fighters, bombers and recon aircraft were among the outstanding products of the French aviation industry 60 years ago, so good that it took a political decision on the part of [...]