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Moson Model Show 2013 in pictures, part 3

April 21, 2013 in Show Reports

Our coverage of the 2013 Moson Model Show continues today with a selection aircraft models in 1/48 and 1/32 scales. With more to come – enjoy.

Note from the Editor: If you were participating in the Moson show and recognize your model in this collection, please consider joining iModeler and sharing more about it!

23 additional images. Click to enlarge

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2 responses to Moson Model Show 2013 in pictures, part 3

  1. That desert P-40K at bottom right….that’s the way it’s should be marked. Obviously the decal manufacturer had no tail shots at the time they did the sheet I used on the one I posted in March. Words to the wise- all decal sheet schemes are not “correct”. I think this on is a bit over-weathered tho….:)

  2. Some great modeling talent there….thanks for sharing.

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