Hasegawa Fiat G.50 1/48 scale

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If you want to see the full building process in video format, check my TY Channel: https://youtu.be/zbBvii5i8P4

Overall an easy to build, fun kit, I took my time to lower the flaps and horizontal stabilizers accordingly to the references I found on the internet, I riveted the model and re-scribed the lower wing panel lines because they looked too shallow.
Mistakes were made, after applying primer, all the rivets and upper wing panel lines that I didn't re-scribed were lost, I didn't want to spend a couple of hours trying to fix this, so I decided to give the illusion with weathering and oil paints, in the end, the effect is very subtle, but that's it, overall I think it's just fine, and from a few meters, the model looks good.

I represented Major Mario Bonzano's aircraft from the 20th Fighter Group at a Belgian airfield in 1940.

This weird chipping around the cockpit area was caused by a protective tarpaulin, which held moisture on places that were in contact with the fuselage, basically, it was caused by moisture, regular mechanic abrasion, and unusually low temperatures.

Camouflage was made with custom mixed paint.
The light brown top color was mixed using Tamiya Desert Yellow (XF-59), Red Brown (XF-64), and Flat White (XF-2) in a proportion of 6:2:2

For the green mottling, I used Tamiya Dark Green 2 (XF-81)

And the reddish-brown mottles were mixed by Tamiya Flat Red (XF-7), Red Brown (XF-64) and Desert Yellow (XF-59) in a proportion of 4:4:2

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  1. Nice job, Rene! We don’t see that kit built often anymore.

  2. Amazing job, René!
    Fantastic painting skills!

  3. Great looking Fiat, nice job!

  4. I like dot camo very much!

  5. Fantastic looking Fiat, René @moixmodels
    I saw in your video that you applied this scheme free handed, amazingly results.
    Still have an Italian aircraft in such a scheme on my wishlist, but the schemes hold me back.

  6. Beautiful work, René! Your assembly is very neat and well-aligned, and the camouflage is exceptionally well done - your mixed colors are very effective. Very keen of you to see the difference in how the two a/cs' exposed MG barrels were painted.
    For my taste, the topside looks more natural than the underside as far as the paneling and weathering are concerned, but tastes certainly vary. This is a very nice kit, not original to Hasegawa IIRC, and you have done it and yourself proud.

  7. Wow! Great looking scale model Rene! Superb paint skills on display! ?

  8. Sharp work on the old Secter kit. The paint chipping looks good.

  9. Nice work on that doggy kit - certainly a very non-doggy result.

  10. Great camouflage.

  11. Looks fantastic - well done!

  12. Excellent Rene - this came out very well - Love your Fiat.

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