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Chino Air Show This Weekend!

May 3, 2013 in Show Reports

Just a reminder: 5 of the 6 flyable P-38s in the world are all out at Chino as of today and will be flying this weekend. Gate opens at 0800, and you can get on the ramp until 1000 for photography.

Weather forecast for Saturday is great: sunny and breezy (not windy) in the mid 80s. Pretty much guarantees nice viewing conditions. Sunday may be cloudy.

iModelers Kevin Thompson and Yours Truly will be announcing the gig tomorrow and doing the Ken & Tom Airplane Geek Yakfest between acts. Stop by and say “Hi!”

Will hopefully post photos here on Sunday.

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2 responses to Chino Air Show This Weekend!

  1. It was a great show – sunny and not so hot weather-wise. There were six P-38s – 5 flyers and an F-5 that is being restored to fly. I think I got some shots but won’t be looking till tomorrow since I am airplaned-out and ready to fall asleep after getting up at zero-dark-thirty to go out to the show today.

  2. Can’t wait to see your photographs.

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