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Tamiya P-38G Lightning "Miss Virginia"

Tamiya's P-38 is without a doubt the best engineered 1/48 scale model I've ever built. It is simply clever in every respect. I started this model about a year and a half ago and since I started I've completed six other projects. It was [...]

P-51C "Lucky Thirteen"

Something different from the Bebout Curtiss P-40 Factory, Jackie Cochran's Lucky Thirteen P-51C. If you're not familiar with Jackie Cochran one can summarize her as an aviator, test pilot, spokesperson as well as a successful [...]

1/48 Tamiya P-38F 95th FS

Fresh off the bench the awesome 1/48 Tamiya P-38F . Fished in markings of the 85th FS Vcenzo, Italy May 1944 , Model finished with Mr color paints, Tamiya LP paints and Fundekals secals 64E309BA-D19E-4630-BFD1-92BCB95AA66B by b007scott, [...]

Hasegawa P-38J Lightning, ´Virginia Marie´, 1/48

I bought this one because I like how it look the metal color with that blue. Really different from others Lightnings. This one is from Hasegawa and it doesn´t has many details, and parts doesn´t fit really good so... I had to do a lot of [...]

Tamiya P-38F MTO, USAAF 1/48th Tunisia 1943

To say that the Tamiya P-38 was a joy to build is an understatement. Having built the Academy and Hasegawa Lightning's which are good models of the P-38, just that Tamiya had really taken a rather complicated twin boom air frame and made [...]

Classic Kit: Aurora 1/48 P-38 Restoration

This is a labor of love. I wanted to see if I could build a broken relic into something presentable. I learned about the P-38 when I build this kit as a child and I would fly it around outside shooting down me109s and what have you. The [...]

And now the news

Tamiya has announced a 1/48 P-38J, for release "later this year."

In-Depth Review: Modelsvit F-82G Twin Mustang, 1/48th scale

Happy New Year everyone. A more detailed review of the long awaited Modelsvit 1/48th N. American F-82 Twin Mustang. Personally one I have been looking forward to ever since it was announced about 2 years ago. Not since the Tamiya P-38 [...]

Aleutian Forktail...1/48 Lockheed P-38E Lightning, 54th FS/343rd FG, USAAF

28/2021 So, here´s my dad´s last model for this year. The new Tamiya P-38 kit is one of the best my dad has built so far regarding fit and engineering. Already posted it two days ago but deleted it again because I realized that my dad [...]

Video: You Can't Go Back

Some thoughts about the Tamiya P-38 and the fun of building plastic scale models.