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The good old days

May 25, 2013 in Aviation

Walt reminds me what fun Stearmans are. (“A Stearman isn’t landed til it’s shut down, chocked down and tied down”)

Air-to-airs of various Stearmans up in the Sacramento area back in the 70s. The first 3 shots are our Stearman (“Boeing-seven-forty-seven-junior”)with a navy bird flown by a friend. Then shots of Stearmans off the coast of Santa Barbara at the Watsonville show, one of my ex-wife in a friend’s airplane, and some just playing.

Back when flying was fun (and affordable.

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  1. YEP.. the “old” Stearman IS really an experience to ride in .. it IS a shame that fuel IS so expensive to really enjoy much time “up” !!!!

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