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1/72 AMT/Matchbox Hunting Percival Provost T Mk. 1

September 14, 2013 in Aviation

The name is longer than the model. This was an easy build, and addition to my British trainers. The last couple shots show size comparison with the DeHavilland Chipmunk. Both are dwarfed by the T-28 Trojan. of the same era.. At this point I just wanted something I could knock off in a few days, with little effort, between larger projects, and it fit the bill.

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4 responses to 1/72 AMT/Matchbox Hunting Percival Provost T Mk. 1

  1. Well Joe I don`t know where you find these oldies but they look good.
    And as you put it, comparedtp the Chipmunk it`s a small plane.
    It must of been fun to build.

  2. These remind me of my youth, the Chipmunk was the second plane I flew in, the first being a Britannia, both were part of my Air Cadet air experience. The Chipmunk didn’t seem so small then. Lovely little models, Joe, you just need a Tiger Moth to go with them!

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