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Handley Page Heyford

This is a fairly easy article in that there aren't many models of the prototype out there. The Heyford suffers from the same issue as all British (and for that matter American) interwar heavy bombers. There isn't much interest and only [...]

Revell (Matchbox) 1/32 SBD-5 Dauntless

Hi everyone! This is my Revell (Matchbox) 1/32 SBD-5 Dauntless, finished as a U.S. Marines bird. "Scout Bomber Douglas" (SBD) Dauntless was the US Navy's main carrier-based scout/dive bomber from mid-1940 through mid-1944. It was [...]

Classic Kit: Matchbox 1/76 Jadgpanther Tweaked Just a Bit

I really like Matchbox 1/76 armor (armour) kits. The kits were made by a different hand because they do not exhibit the heavy engraving of their aircraft kits. This is my second attempt at building this kit. I used pastels to dust it up [...]

Modelling early Wellesley Squadrons in 1/72

Most Wellesley models focus on the Second World War service in the middle east. Not so many actually represent the home squadrons which were equipped with the bomber before the war. The first squadron to get the Wellesley was No. 7 - [...]

HMS Tiger, C20

This is my completed light cruiser HMS Tiger, build from the Matchbox/ Revell kit from the 1970's. The Tiger and her sister ship Blake were converted from all-gun cruisers in the 1970's into "Helicopter and Command Cruisers", to [...]

Revell HMCS Snowberry K166 Flower Class Corvette

This is a build of the Revell Flower Class Corvette. The kit was initially released by Matchbox in 1979 and has been re-released repeatedly since, often with upgrades or bonus parts. The kit was built for a friend who wanted to use it [...]

Classic Kit: Matchbox Messerschmitt Me110 No. PK-115 1:72 1976

The Matchbox Me110 is a simple kit as is common with their line of kits. It is molded in yellow, and brown and does not have the deeply engraved panel lines (well maybe a few) common with earlier kits. I built it out of box and marked [...]

Lightning T55,1/72 Matchbox

The T55 was a two seat export version of the English Electric Lightning, of which were sold to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. along with the single seat FMk53. in the early seventies. This an old school kit, but without the notorious Matchbox [...]

Matchbox SLUF or more politely known as the A-7D

I built this old Matchbox 1/72 A-7D OOB except for the decals because I was annoyed with working with uncooperative resin and PE pieces as well as stubborn paint jobs that weren't going anywhere. Also wanted to practice working on SEA [...]

Traditional in a very unconventional way: Handley Page Heyford Mk.I

The Heyford by Matchbox is one of the early models I ventured over in my childhood. I still remember the joy of what was certainly anything but a first-class result. It was therefore a particular pleasure to be able to acquire one of these [...]