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A Norse in Burma! Noordhuyn C-64 Norseman

The Noordhuyn Norseman/ C-64 In English, "Norseman" means "Norman/Viking" and indeed, as will be described in a moment, the robust high wing is closely connected with the tough demands of flying in the far north, indeed, literally tailored to it[...]

Revell/Matchbox 1/72 T-2E Buckeye

Hi everyone! This is my Revell/Matchbox 1/72 T-2E Buckeye, finished as a HAF bird. Still the only training jet aircraft of the Hellenic Air Force , it’s high reliability and excellent, forgiving flight characteristics (it easily recovers from a [...]

Nationalist He-70 “Raio” Spanish Civil War Revell-Matchbox 1/72

Old kit,finished after 2 years in the shelf of doom...hope you like it.

Matchbox 1/72 Avro Lancaster

This is my Matchbox Lancaster that was built in 1985, originally I started on the Airfix kit that was released in the late 70's but I had some pretty bad warpage on both wings. Usually I can fix warpage issues but both wings were twisted in the [...]

Classic Kit: Matchbox 1/72 Spitfire Mk IX PK-2

Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I build old kits, the older the better. I especially like Revell, Aurora, HAWK, Matchbox and Airfix from the 1950s and '60s and 1970's. This Matchbox PK-2 of the 1/72 Spitfire Mk IX upgraded with a [...]

Matchbox 1/76 “ Memorial Day “ 3 Bloods and a Priest “

May 31 is Memorial Day in the US. One of 2 Federal Hollidays honouring the Armed Forces. In Light of that, and not having posted for a while I thought to show some of the really small Matchbox kits I have been dabbling in between trying to mak[...]

Matchbox 1:72 Spitfire Mk IXe -Vintage Build-

A HUGE thanks goes to GYRUSS who sent me this kit to build. Please do yourself a favour and check out his fantastic channel, you won't be disappointed: This build covers several areas in my 1:72 Spitfire collection. I wanted to build a desert-[...]

Restoring an old Westland Lysander kit: Matchbox, 1973, 1:72.

Lysander has always been a plane that I really liked, mainly because of the mission mystique associated with the French resistance and in the transport of agents, which it played. When a friend showed me an old Matchbox from 1973 that was bad[...]

Matchbox Boeing P-12E

Two builds of the classic Matchbox P-12 kit, first issued way back in 1972. The decals are from Starfighter Decals sheet 72-122, I couldn’t decide which markings I liked best so I decided to build two! “White 1” is the P-12E of the commander o[...]

1/48th AMT AD-4W Skyraider

This is my third model in support of the Korean War group build.. It's a 1/48th AD-4W Skyraider. The kit was an AMT branded version of the original ESCI model. It was a basic kit with few frills but the shape was good and the plastic well cast [...]