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Horizon Vinyl 1/6 Scale Sensational She-Hulk!!

October 14, 2013 in Figures

I really do build everything, don’t I. This was worked on at the same time as the previously posted resin MiG-31 Firefox. Vinyl kits are my way of kinda going Oommm… Quick build, fun to paint, just…cool. This one is a few layers of Tamiya Flat Green, lightened with a little white, Black Green for her hair, and Tamiya Purple for the suit and boots. A little shading with some chalk pastels and sealed with Dull Cote. Done. Three weeks from start to finish. I recommend anyone try one of these, just for a change.

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4 responses to Horizon Vinyl 1/6 Scale Sensational She-Hulk!!

  1. George,
    Never thought I would fall in love with a green woman, but she is beautiful.

  2. I’m glad you told me she’s green, I’m colour blind!

  3. Looks like my Ex’s lawyer ! Good job, George, but no thanks for the memories !

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