iModeler Figures

The art of figure sculpting, modeling and painting.

Rollo, Duke of Normandy, FeR Miniatures 1:12

Hello dear modellers, I've just finished another great FeR Miniature. This time in 1/12 scale, painted with Abteilung 502 and Scale 75 acrylics paints using a Redgrass wet palette. I struggle a bit with this one. I’ve painted and re-painted[...]

Eddie Rickenbacker 1890-1973

Dolman Miniatures 90mm Mainly oils Printing ink for the metals

3 Para Mt.Longdon , Falklands 1982

120mm Resin casting ( awful) Mitches models. Moz Cory sculpt. Paint: Tamiya Vallejo for the DPM Oils Printers inks This is a b'day present for a vet who's 60 next month. They'd been in the field around two weeks in freezing winds, rain, sno[...]

Raymond Collishaw 1893-1976 Canadian WW1 Ace

60 victories. WnW figure 1:32 sculpted by Mike Good Paint: Oils with details in acrylic and printers ink

Ivar the Boneless, FeR 1:16th

This is my third painted figure. It's an amazing 1:16th bust packed with detail and expression by FeR miniatures. Originally I was a bit intimidated by the size but it turned out to be a very smooth experience overall and a fast one too! I wa[...]

Cameron Highlander Officer 79th Reg. 1854

Raul Lattore sculpt 54mm Mainly oils Lace and tartan in acrylic

William Barker VC, DSO and bar, MC and two bars. 1894-1930

Canadian WW1 Ace and the most highly decorated serviceman in Canada 1:32 sculpt by Mike Good for WNW Oils.

“Sea Wolf” WW2 German U-boat Commander, Life Miniatures 1:10th

Here is the second big bust that I've finished, and I think it is an improvement from my previous figure. Inspired by the amazing movie "Das Boot" this figure was sculpted by Korean artist Sang-Eon Lee. The resin cast, detail, and overall qua[...]

Space Adventurer, 2dreamers 1/9th bust

Hello, fellow iModellers, This is my first "real" painted figure. I've done others in the past, but always to complement another project, mostly pilots for 1/72nd or 1/48th aircraft or tank crew in 1/48th. So this is the first time in which th[...]

Trying Something Different

Thought I'd take a break from planes and cars and try to learn how to use acrylic paints. I decided to focus on pilots.