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The art of figure sculpting, modeling and painting.

General Dorsenne

Commanded Napoleon's Imperial Guards. Died in 1812 from complications of a head wound sustained in combat with the armies of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. You have to wonder if Napoleon had a couple more of these talented commanders at his [...]

General Kleber

Appointed by Napoleon as commander of all French forces in Egypt, Kleber was stabbed to death by a student in Cairo in 1800.

Halo Master Chief

I thought I'd step outside my norm and build a figure for a change. Never really played the game Halo, but I recently watched the new Paramount Halo series and fell in love with the Spartan armor. So, after some digging I found this very [...]

Marshal Berthier

Another one of Napoleon's stalwarts . . . Amusing story related by Adam Zamoyski in his book 1812 about the invasion of Russia. The Russians refrained from engaging with the French and withdrew deeper and deeper into the countryside. The [...]

Marshal Jean-Andoche Junot

Nicknamed "La Tempete", or "The Tempest", by his fellow soldiers, Junot was fearsome in combat, single-handedly dispatching 6 enemy soldiers by the sword in one engagement. Unfortunately, he also suffered from advanced [...]

Marshal Jean-Baptiste Bessieres

Marshal Jean-de-Dieu Soult

Sapper, Napoleon's Imperial Guard

Apparently, these guys were under Napoleon's personal control, and "jealously husbanded" by him, according to Adam Zamosky in his book on the Russian campaign -- 1812 -- which I highly recommend. BTW, the parallels between the [...]

Soviet Infantryman 1939 (Winter War)

I was working on this a while ago; got stuck; and put it away. Started working on it again recently; got it to a presentable point; and "voila."

Marshal Saint-Cyr

Regarded as Napoleon's finest general in the art of defensive warfare and the equal of the Emperor himself in that area of endeavor. He is mentioned in Joseph Conrad's short story "The Duel" (as well as Ridley Scott's film [...]