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Tamiya Mosquito 1/32 HX922 code F-EG

August 29, 2019 · in Aviation · 17 ≡

Here is a production i made in 2016

This is a perfect piece from Tamiya; i loved to work on it;

6 months to acheive it;

I propose to you to discover my representation of what was the Mosquito piloted by Captain Charles Pickard with his co-pilot John Broadley, who both lost their lives on a snowy day in February 1944 after the raid on the Amiens prison (operation Jericho) which had for the purpose of delivering resistants. (official version)

it was mainly a diversion operation to strengthen the Fortitude plan, simulating a future invasion in the Pas de Calais.

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  1. Outstanding work, Fred...great job on this - wow! 🙂

  2. Such attention to detail - it looks like you took a shrink ray to the real thing! Excellent work!

  3. I love those subtle rivets on the propeller hubs.
    Great job over all!

  4. Excellent!
    I love the Mosquito and their stories.
    Built an old one some time ago on 1/72 and definitely build a larger one in a near future.
    Yours just awesome, congratulations

  5. That's a spectacular Mossie. Your talents as a painter really bring life and weight to the model; every minute of work spent on it is certainly evident. Great demonstration of what vision and insight can bring to a subject of this scale. Your photography is excellent too.

  6. Lovely! I really like the detail work - on the engine exhausts, the cockpit, and the figure looks excellent! Well done.

  7. Beautifully done Fred, great to see!

  8. I don’t recall seeing any of these 1/32 Mossies go wrong, and yours is one of the finest. Great work overall

  9. Great work on a spectacular kit!

  10. Nothing short of exquisite. Strong work that needs to be placed in the votes for "Model of Month " category. The kit reminds me of one of those Russian dolls that start with a large egg shape figure that holds a progressively smaller figure inside until you get that precise little doll at the end. The Tamiya Mossie is a series of smaller models held inside a large model. The some total being a elegant presentation of the Wooden Wonder. Two thumbs up Fred.

  11. An excellent build!

  12. Everything about this build is awesome. Look at that engine and the cockpit! Well done!

  13. Incredible. You have coming all the praise you are receiving, and then some.

  14. It's actually come out recently that Operation Jericho was a giant fakakte. There were no Resistance prisoners there, that prison was for low-level criminal criminals - burglars, pimps, etc. The French Resistance had no idea why the British flew the raid. More prisoners and French civilians were killed by the bombing.

    Go read all about it in Mark Postlethwaite's online aviation history magazine, "Wing Leader."

    All that said, this is a beautiful model, and the talent and craftsmanship on display is superb - I love the detail in the cockpit.

    One certainly cannot fault the bravery of the crews who flew these airplanes on the mission. But the "intelligence" officers who came up with it should have been hanged, drawn and quartered.

  15. wow, ... i really appreciate all your comments my friends
    i'm very glad you liked it.
    Being French, I find it normal that we do a tribute to these men, who did a lot to liberate us in 1944.

    i added few pictures in the article:)

  16. Beautiful. If you photoshopped it in front of an aviation museum, it could pass for the real thing. Definitely model of the month.

  17. Really beautiful model of one of my favorite planes. I hope to build one of these one day.

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