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Wings Over Houston Airshow

October 28, 2013 in Aviation

I took the grandkids to the Wings Over Houston AIrshow yesterday (Sunday the 27th). Some pretty severe thunderstorms had passed through earlier in the morning, so the flying schedule was a bit restricted. The crowd wasn’t big at all, so I was able to find a place right up against the flightline fence. Here’s a quick list of the performers: Navy – F4U, F7F, two F8F’s, a JRB, SB2C, an FM-2 and a TBM. Army – B-17, B-24, B-29, two B-25’s, two P-51’s, two P-40’s and a Lockheed Lodestar. In addition, there was a gaggle of T-6’s, a bunch of O-2’s and an L-4.

The B-17 belongs to the Confederate Air Force. The two Mustangs, the B-25, the Corsair and the Zero (which is an original airframe with an R-1830 engine) belong the the Texas Flying Legends museum. The Great Lakes biplane belongs to a local aerobatic pilot. The Bird Dog was on the ramp in Fredericksburg, TX. Took those one a few weeks ago. There may be a few more photos coming as I haven’t finished downloading them all yet.


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6 responses to Wings Over Houston Airshow

  1. Jamie, nice pictures…the guy in the Zeke must literally be squeezed into the cockpit when the canopy is closed!

    • I’m no expert, but it could be that the seat is adjustable and he raised it in order to see better on the taxiway. Jus’ sayin’.

    • I’ve met the pilot of the Zero, and he’s just a little taller than your average Japanese fighter pilot. BTW – the airplane is finished in the ame-iro paint scheme, and is not as gray as it looks in the photo. The color on this airplane has a pronounced greenish tint to it.

  2. Some nice shots there….thanks for sharin’ ’em.

  3. Just added a few more photos. It’s good to see the CAF’s B-24 (an LB-30 actually) has her “Diamond Lil” nose art back. Sorry about the grainy B-29 shot. Taking pictures of gray airplanes against gray overcast isn’t my strong suit…

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