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UPDATED Scale Model World Telford 2013 (Pt 2 )

November 11, 2013 in Show Reports

A further selection of photos now included, after I cropped them a little to reduce file sizes for upload.


49 additional images. Click to enlarge

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9 responses to UPDATED Scale Model World Telford 2013 (Pt 2 )

  1. Thanks again. I’m guessing you thoroughly enjoyed yourself.

  2. Thanks again, Rob. I especially the wrecked B-17 being hauled away. Saw the photo in your first posting, but like the shot of the fuselage interior in this group.

  3. Cheers Rob, the harrier is absolutely stunning. The F 16 and the chess board stood out also from the previous article. Looked like a good day out! Thanks for sharing, cheers.

    • I’m pretty sure the B17 is in 1/32 but it isn’t the HK kit so where it came from I’ve no idea….

      • I had a close look at this. I wondered if he used the HK as a base and simply cast a new shell that he could then manipulate. He could in fact cast different sections, treat them each as a separate model in terms of wreck detail, and as they are cast from the same master, they would fit nicely together.

  4. Hi guys – I built the B-17 diorama – it’s 1/32, and the vehicles & trailer are 1/35. Fortress is scratchbuilt & based on the Combat Models vacform, trailer & dolly converter scratchbuilt, wrecker and jeep from Accurate Armour, figures cobbled together from Zoukei-Mura, Hornet, Legend & various other bits – thanks, glad you liked it!

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