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Scale Modelworld is an international modeling exhibition hosted annually in Telford by IPMS UK.

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More SMW Telford pics: Asian Air Arms

Andy Binks, a great photographer and contributor to the Asian Air Arms SIG website, snapped a bunch of photos from the show related to the subject and sent them to me to post to the AAA site. I asked if I could double post here, and he [...]

SMW rides again

(link) Unfortunately we don't get the great coverage we used to when Marcus went to the show, but this collection will keep some of us happy. I really liked the War Horse, which apparently took the top prize, deservedly so. There's a lot [...]

Scale Modelworld 2018 – Ships

Here's the final part of our report from 2018 Scale Modelworld featuring a selection of ship models, all scales.

Scale Modelworld 2018 – Diorama, Sci-fi, What-if

Our report from 2018 Scale Modelworld is nearing completion. Here is a variety of objects from the diorama and sci-fi/fantasy classes in the competition area.

Scale Modelworld 2018 – Automotive

Here is a selection of models from the automotive model categories at last week's Scale Modelworld show in Telford.

Scale Modelworld 2018 – Aircraft, 1/48 scale

Continuing our review of 2018 Scale Modelworld in Telford, here's a selection of 1/48 scale aircraft models from the competition tables.

Scale Modelworld 2018 – Aircraft, 1/32 scale

Here's an overview of 1/32 aircraft models at the competition area of 2018 Scale Modelworld in Telford, UK

Scale Modelworld 2018 – Aircraft, 1/72 scale

Here's a selection of 1/72 aircraft models at the competition area of 2018 Scale Modelworld. Sadly, this corner of the competition area suffered badly from low lighting - with the camera struggling to compensate for bad lightning [...]

More Telford Pictures from the iModeler Team

Dear iModelers, for quite a while now I've tried to take pictures at modelling shows that have a sharp focus on the parts of the model that I like and that are blurry in the back ground. This is not an easy thing to do because the model [...]

IPMS Telford 2018

Good evening all, I noticed I hadn't posted on here for a while and thought to share the photos I took whilst at ScaleModelWorld at Telford - hope you all enjoy!