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Mitshubishi A6M3 type 22 ,ZERO, Nap1/C Hiroyoshi Nishizawa ,May1943 RABAUL.

December 20, 2013 in Aviation

it was built from the box, decal was from box painted with airbrush by colorcoats of <WEM. Models from manufacturer Sweet in scale 1/144 are some of the best in this scale.


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7 responses to Mitshubishi A6M3 type 22 ,ZERO, Nap1/C Hiroyoshi Nishizawa ,May1943 RABAUL.

  1. I’ve no idea the actual size of that [unfamiliar] coin, but I get the idea. That is indeed a “Sweet” build….I’ll have to try one of those one day – (have only done a couple of kits in that scale and never that particular manufacturer). Nice job on that airbrushing as well.

    • Craig / Mike that coin (much to the amusement of us in the U.K.)is a 10 cent bit of a Euro so the build is less than 1/72 probably about 2/3 the size of 1/72. It’s a little’un good job by the way Makete.

  2. Nice clean tiny build! For us coin-size challenged Yanks, could you place your next masterpiece on, say, a cell phone? Or beer can? Great job…

  3. Impressive build and paint work, especially at that scale. My eyes and shaky hands would make a mess of that. Beautiful to look at and nicely displayed.

  4. Don’t know how you do it. 1/48 getting too small for me. Beautiful work.

  5. Makete, it’s very beautiful, it’s very small, what more can I say?

  6. very nice job on the green camo

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