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1:144 scale modeling

Academy 1/144 B-52H

I'd say another teeny gem by Academy but it ain't so teeny. It's still a gem tho, with outstanding fit and surprising detail given its scale...they even give you canopy masks in the kit. Decals are tiny and numerous but they are easy to [...]

RealSpace Atlas V

The Atlas V is the last of the Atlas family of launch vehicles, produced by the Lockheed Martin-Boeing collaboration United Launch Alliance (ULA). After 99 successful launches out of 99 attempts, it is slated for replacement by ULA's [...]

F-14 D Super TomcatRevell 1:144

Hi everybody! Here is my last model, F-14D Super Tomcat - Revell 1:144. I hope like you it! The build video is here: (link)

F-16C Fighting Falcon, Dragon 1/144'F-16 at 50' GB

Initiated a little while ago to populate a mini-display cabinet, this F-16C build was restarted thanks to the 'F-16 at 50' Group build. Thanks to Erik Gjørup (@airbum) for the motivation. This F-16C is half of the Dragon 'Air [...]

Video: How to Build a Realistic In-Flight Diorama 1/144 Scale Model Aircraft

The ultimate Snoop: RC-135V/W Rivet Joint (Roden, 1/144)

It is plain for all to see that my misadventures building the B-36 ((link)) were not sufficient to keep me away from Roden kits. I think his Ukranian manufacturer found an excellent market niche, providing reasonably accurate, reasonably [...]

Flying the Orient Express: the Handley Page H.P.42 Heracles!

I would like to preface this article with one remark: I have hardly found such amazingly good and varied photographic material for any other aircraft of this era than in the search for material on the H.P.42 Heracles! In pictures whose [...]

1/144 Trumpeter Vulcan B2

The Avro Vulcan was a quad engined delta wing tail-less jet nuclear bomber designed for the RAF. It was part of the trio of bombers that made up the UK's V-Force (V for Vengeance) as part of the UK's nuclear strike force. The Vulcan [...]

New Ware Thor-Able

Thor-Able was a two-stage, expendable launch vehicle used in the late 50’s and early 60’s for NASA/USAF satellite launches and re-entry vehicle tests. The main stage made use of the Thor intermediate range ballistic missile (one of [...]

The last of the giants: Airbus A-380

The small miniature scale of 1:144 and the experience of impressive size, which can only be handled with caution above the "airspace" of the workbench or squeezed into the limited room of an airbrush extraction cabin, do not [...]