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Various Aircraft

January 19, 2014 in Aviation

Paints on a great scale!

Two Navy Dive Bombers/ Torpedo the 2nd photo represents the aircraft flown by a the 20 year old GWH Bush in the attack of a Japanese radio station on Chi Chi Jama where his plane was hit in the engine by a 75mm AAA shell and he barely bailed out. The 1st and 2nd A/C where painted with acrylic craft paints; Anitas, Cream Coat, Apple Barrel, to bring out the high glossy finish I simply chose glossy blue for the Ocean camouflage.
All of my painting for every model is done with these paints. I’ll have more about them in a separate article.
The P47 was painted with Flat Aluminum out of a spray can. More about canned paint later.
The 4th model is the famous Mosquito that was again painted with all acrylics.
The last photo shows my P61 with yes, a bomb under each wing, there was a version that had this configuration that really struck me as being different. I must have Monogram’s P61 10 times since the original issue so this was a chance to do an improved version.

More at Hobbies in a Barn on Facebook.

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