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Aurora 1/8 “Fraankensteen”…monogram illuminators re-pop-

April 18, 2019 · in Figures · · 14 · 1.3K

More than a hundred years ago, in a mountain village in Switzerland, lived a man who's strange experiments with the dead have since become legend.,the legend is still told the world over, the legend of Fraankensteen

ahhgh,pig snort, gasp...why does he do this...what's IS that he has on my head

don't look at me that way Dr. Fraankensteeeen

oh yes i know your name,... i hate your name

and now i'm Fraankensteen's monster...i am your crithcher

but who's the real monster that makes the little children run away in it me or the one who created me...all day i lie here with evil on my mind ready to kill

knots and chains can't hold me... and i've got time...all the time i need

you turned me into a beast with a lust to kill everything in sight

what did you expect when you robbed the graves of fifteen murderers and the brain of a genius then sewed it all together ...from what evil men have i come..and for i can amuse myself with terror and murder

i hate you victor...there is no place to hide, no door can keep you from me...i'll track you can't get too place is far enough away from me...i'll follow you to the ends of the can change your can even change your face, you seem to have a penchant for that... i'll find you...aaargh, snort, hee-hee the funny farm

is that Teri Garr over there...i'll ask her if she wants to go dancing

after all they call me "The Boogie Man"

i'll pick her up at eight in my "monster truck" wearing my new Jethro Bodine hemp belt

after i see the i think i've got a screw loose

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  1. Love your narrative, Mr. Mack...AND the "monster". 🙂

    • thank you Craig...monday afternoon this came in the mail...around dark i said oh i'll just inventory the parts...then i'll just clip these big sprues know the old song and dance

  2. Sublime. What a post. I’ll tell you, it’s not Victor who is the evil genius...

    Well done, Bob. A real treat. See you at the funny farm.

    ‘Killed’...I mean, ‘liked’

    • thank you david…so can we surmise a “little” mental illness runs in Franky’s family or is your diagnosis a completely “self made man” ;o)

  3. Really cool Bob!

  4. "Green with envy". Great paint work. Is he doing the "Monster Mash" dance on the grave?

    • oh yes…in fact he and his ghoul friend are the graveyard smash…
      I was working in the lab late one night
      When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
      For my monster from his slab began to rise
      And suddenly to my surprise

      He did the mash
      He did the monster mash
      thank you

  5. Cool! The brain was from a Mr. A.B. Normal ?

  6. are you AB Positive, he couldn't even whip Spider Girl...there's about five different versions...the worst says victor had the brightest man in the world killed...threw him off a two, three story balcony but he landed on his head...the whole book is about interesting twists of fate and poor decisions...Victor had issues

  7. Oh, man. We ALL have issues, Bob

    • ummm...perhaps you've been listening to too much CNN doctor... Dr. lectern is it...he's a mounsta sir...just looook at those chuckling fingers...bite hard and hold on...Heeee's ALIVE !...his heart is beating like a sledgehammer...too bad we have no strychnine...that was a good supper

  8. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Very nice change of things Bob, love those old AURORA monster kits.

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