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April 21, 2014 in Aviation

My new job in the style of Egg-Plane.
Happy viewing.

Regards, Vlad.

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18 responses to I-16 Egg-Plane. SCRATCHBUILD

  1. hihihihih, makes me giggle, great job

  2. Just can’t get away from these I-16’s can you.
    Looks great & brightens up a Monday morning.

  3. You took an easy build and made real work out of it, didn’t ya. Now that’s modeling! Nice job – (what WAS that you started with?)

  4. Outstanding use of re-cycled food stuffs. The “green award” of the year!

  5. That’s great! The real plane is so short and stubby, it’s hard to tell the difference! Great imagination.

  6. Thank you, friends!

    Glad to cheer you up.

    Best regards, Vlad.

  7. Holy C**p you actually used an egg!!!! Fantastic build
    Love It

  8. Now that’s what I call an ‘organic, free-range’ egg!

  9. Thank you, friends! 🙂

    Best regards, Vlad.

  10. Vlad,
    Eggceptional. Beautifully done.

  11. Thank you very much!

    Best regards, Vlad.

  12. Vlad, I thought that looked like an egg! Did you take the insides out, and if you did, did you have to strengthen the eggshell somehow? Amazing, and very creative. Well done, and thanks!

  13. Vlad, BIG thanks for showing how it’s done the NATURAL way…. More power to your scratch-eggbuilding… Keep well


  14. Farouk thank you!

    Best regards, Vlad.

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