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scratch-built models and the art of scratchbuilding

Freedom Is Not FreeKorean War Veterans Memorial in 1:48 (Scratchbuild)

This is my entry to Louis' @lgardner GB on the Korean War. This year marks the 70th year of its ending in 1953. I first thought about building a scene out of the war itself but I then reconsidered after some reflection. For once, I did [...]

1/350 SOVIET CRUISER MOLOTOV WW2scratch build

This is my first ‘ scratch build ‘ and it’s taken me a good 5 months. I have done a couple of couple of conversions before such as the POLA / GRAF SPEE ( which I will post next in her pre-River Plate raiding look which includes ALL [...]

YAK-54 1/72 Scratchbuilt

Video: Consolidated B-24H Liberator- Highly Detailed Metal Model- 1:20 Scale- Total Scratch Built- Part 1

Guillermo Rojas Bazán Model Maker- 1:20 scale Consolidated B-24 H Witchcraft- Metal Construction- Museum model commissioned by the 467th Bombardment Group (H) Association. 467th BG Main Site: 467th BG Research [...]


Here's a thing I built one time when I was trying to decide on my next project and was thinking I should do something with my large stash of spare parts left over from previous builds and wrecks. (I never throw anything away). I started [...]

More Bill Bosworth Cool1/32 Curtiss A-8 Shrike

Bill Bosworth's latest: Curtiss A-8 Shrike - 1/32 vacuform scratchbuilt. We're not worthy! We're not worthy! 🙂

Night Stalker

Here’s my latest build, kit-bashed from several kits from a variety of different scales & subjects. I started with a vague idea …a sort of crustacean-like thing, armoured on top, with an exposed, mechanical underbelly. I also [...]

Medium Logistics Vehicle Wheeled MLVW

This is the Canadian Army’s now Retired. 6 wheel drive standard medium troop transport. Complete scratch built. They were built by Bombardier in the 1980s. They are based off of the Late American M35A3 truck. This model is built from the [...]

Autogyro "Calidus" 1/72 Scratchbuilt

Petlyakov Pe-2 on a scale of 1 to 32, scratchbuild

Soviet dive bomber of the World War II period. The first model with the use of aluminum sheet. The model itself is made entirely of cardboard with a slight use of 0.7 mm plastic and is glued with 0.2 mm aluminum sheet. The model was [...]