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scratch-built models and the art of scratchbuilding

Rooivalk Attack Helicopter 1/32 Scale Scratch Build

I do apologize for not posted in a while, this has been due to life and work getting in the way, here are a few pictures of one of my latest scratch builds that took me a full year to complete. This is the Rooivalk Attack Helicopter [...]

French destroyer "Fougueux" 1942, 1/66, Full Scratch

French destroyer "Fougueux" 1942, 1/66, Full Scratch length : 1.62m width : 15 cm time taken to complete : #2000h the hull is made of aluminum, the superstructures of wood, brass, linoleum, aluminum, etc.

French Battleship "Jean Bart", Waterline, version 1955, 1/100, full scratch

French Battleship "Jean Bart", Waterline, version 1955, 1/100, full scratch length : 2.50m width : 36cm time taken to complete : #3500h

1/32nd scale Short StirlingWIP update

Greetings fellow imodelers! I thought I'd update you all on my current long-term vacuform project - a Short Stirling in 1/32nd scale from Tigger Models which are the ex-ID Models moulds. I began this build around 5 years ago but ran out of [...]

Codename: Gerbera (Kitbashed Mecha)

OK, this is a weird one. This is a robot model based on a drawing by Jan Buragay. It's mostly kit-bashed and scratched, with a few key elements being 3D printed. I’ve been slowly working on it, on and off, in-between some other projects [...]

Brewster SBA/SBN Scratch Build

In 1934, the Brewster company was initiated into the Naval aircraft market when it was invited to submit a proposal to build a new dive-bomber to Navy specifications. Prior to this, the company had been doing subcontract work for Vought [...]

Scratch build, building front

Here are results after trying to duplicate a MC club house building. There are a few minor mistakes when comparing the two, which I overlooked. But the overall look when browsing indiscriminately, will make up for them.

Freedom Is Not FreeKorean War Veterans Memorial in 1:48 (Scratchbuild)

This is my entry to Louis' @lgardner GB on the Korean War. This year marks the 70th year of its ending in 1953. I first thought about building a scene out of the war itself but I then reconsidered after some reflection. For once, I did [...]

1/350 SOVIET CRUISER MOLOTOV WW2scratch build

This is my first ‘ scratch build ‘ and it’s taken me a good 5 months. I have done a couple of couple of conversions before such as the POLA / GRAF SPEE ( which I will post next in her pre-River Plate raiding look which includes ALL [...]

YAK-54 1/72 Scratchbuilt