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Sopwith-Strutter 1/72 Восточный Экспресс / ex-TOKO

May 25, 2014 in Aviation

Completed the today. Happy viewing. 🙂

Best regards, Vlad.

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23 responses to Sopwith-Strutter 1/72 Восточный Экспресс / ex-TOKO

  1. Nice,nice,nice as usual Vlad.

  2. That looks damn fine Vlad.
    Superbly built sir.

  3. Thank you, friends!

    Best regards, Vlad.

  4. That’s a really impressive work of art you have there, then I think about what scale you did it in and it becomes even more impressive! Awesome!

  5. Great Strutter Vlad!

  6. Superb model, and stunning to say you have that level of detail in 1/72.
    Once again superb workmanship.
    Regards Steve.

  7. Outstanding ! I thought it was just another beautiful Wingnuts kit, What a surprise !

  8. Thank you very much!

    Best regards, Vlad.

  9. Great result, especially in 1/72 scale and especially with EE kit 😉

  10. Thank you, Dmitry!

    Best regards, Vlad.

  11. Some excellent painting,rigging,with no seems,drips or errors on the finish. However, the landing gear struts appear to be back wards or Toko molded them a little long. Looks to be a easy fix. Here is a photo of the real deal.

    or do a Google search with photos for Sopwith Strutter.

  12. Great job Vlad! I also like your photos. Superb!

  13. Thank you, friends!
    Stephen, you’re right. Compared with the drawings of the chassis. Problem. Will remodel. Thank you for your help.
    Best regards, Vlad.

  14. Simply Superb, and in 1/72 scale Amazing workmanship!!
    Well Done Vlad.

  15. masterful…as with anything you do

  16. Thank you, friends!

    Redid the landing gear.

    The sun had set, so a bad photo. Sorry.

    Best regards, Vlad.

  17. Another great effort, Vlad!

  18. Very nice, Vlad.

  19. Spasibo! (Thank you!)

    Best regards, Vlad.

  20. Glad,
    You never cease to amaze. This is gorgeous.

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