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"Trick or Treat" (last installment)

October 30, 2013 · in Uncategorized · 6 · 1.4K

Zombie Killa's I & II : A side by side comparison. On their way to some mega-disaster (or Raider football game). When you're having fun, why quit with one !

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  1. I love the "parts box" effect of a 1/35th scale kit as a 1/48th model, with a german 7.9 mm mg on top of one and a B-17 chin turret on another.

    Are those Stuka 37 mm gun pods on the front? And a Calliope on top?

    Joe, you have some imagination . . .

  2. Joe,
    Keep this up and we will have enough for Oakland and Vallijo.

  3. I think you could go into business marketing these 'kits', Joe, writing the instructions would certainly be interesting!

  4. As George said, you could open up a business making those.
    They look good together, all you need to do is mount them on a desolate looking base .
    Great job there Joe.

  5. Wouldn't it be easier to have a "Zippo" tank for toasting those pesky zombies? All that firepower seems "overkill" (pun intended). A flame thrower seems the logical choice (plus they can be used at the end of zombie season hot dog roast). Nice, but strange job, Joe!

  6. So, where's the roasted zombies? Pictures, man, pictures!

    I still want one. Would make the morning commute on I-10 much better. Zombies in the morning, a Prius or two in the afternoon...

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