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AML models, 1/72 Fiat G-50 ,FA-6 , Finland 1941

December 30, 2014 in Aviation

The model is made from the box with a few improvements.
It is pure rough short run from late nineties.AML.Czech manufacturer
now, a little modified molds few years ago
This is the first series issue.
Fiat G-50. FA-6, pilot: stg T,Bergsman,3/LLv 26 ,LUNKULA September 1941,Finland.



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12 responses to AML models, 1/72 Fiat G-50 ,FA-6 , Finland 1941

  1. Always liked these chunky Italian 1930s designs. I know sometimes the camo is decal applied over base and sometimes modellers prefer their own take with an airbrush. Either way the finishes are distinctive.

  2. Airbrush, WEM colorcoats.

  3. Very nice looking Fiat and camo!! Well done!!

  4. Beautifully painted, stunning little model.

    Regards Steve.

  5. Outstanding result on that paint job, my friend..!!

  6. I have that kit in my stash, I wonder if I ever get around to building it. Nice paint job!

    Best regards


  7. Great build P.K cracking paint work ! Congrats -)

  8. Nice paint work P.K. Especially with an airbrush.
    Well done sir.

  9. I’d just like to echo the above comments, great paint job & really like the choice of subject matter. Job well done!

  10. Cute little Fiat, looks superb in these markings.

  11. Very nice Fiat P.k. You certainly do justice to 72nd scale.

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