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Revell 1/350 Amerigo Vespucci

December 1, 2014 in Ships


I found this model in a garage sale and immediately went back to my memories as a child in the ’80: Sail Amsterdam, Sail Rotterdam, Sail Antwerp… The Amerigo always was a sight to be seen. I also visited the ship a couple of times during those Sail – days, after one hour queing up… See picture.

My modeling skills are seriously hampered by lack of time: busy life and other big hobbies like modeling trains, my real boat (avatar) etc. so the model and the base are a bit simple but I had lots and lots of fun with constructing it.

Difficult things: the white hull decals, the very thin masts and the sloops.

Next time I’ll post better pictures but lack of time…

Great end-of-year modeling days to everyone! And a lot of models underneath the christmas tree…


2 additional images. Click to enlarge

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12 responses to Revell 1/350 Amerigo Vespucci

  1. Nice looking sailing ship, Maurits, it has obviously brought back great memories for you, and it looks good displayed like this.

  2. You’ve caught the look of the ship nicely, and the display adds to the overall look. A very nice vignette.

  3. Nice sailing ship, a rare sight in modelling sites nowadays.

  4. Ditto the above, nice to see some sail on display.
    Well done mate.

  5. A sailing ship under full canvas. Great!

  6. So tell me…..what “simple” process did you use to achieve the ‘water’…? Looks good.

  7. Beautiful Marits, very well done.

  8. beautiful job…brings something new to imodeler

  9. I got to see the ship years ago, when she was visiting Baltimore, with other tall ships.
    I happened to arrive where she was moored as the Catholic Cardinal was leaving her, and they piped him over the side, with the crew manning the side in full dress.
    It looked like a scene from an opera. I was waiting for them to break into song, which didn’t happen. Pity.
    One of the more amazing events I have ever witnessed.

  10. Hello Maurits,
    Looked at your models. The Amerigo Vespucci is my favorite.
    Excellent job. Do not have the patience, especially the rigging.

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