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38 years old, from Belgium. Little modeling time - occupational physician, but I do like to build 1/72 scale aircraft, especially WW1 with some rigging. 1/144 jet fighters and WW2 birds are also a popular weekend build. I also like ships: the old Airfix and Revell ones: see my models!

Lots of modeling fun!

Revell 1/83 Mayflower 1620

The Pilgrim Fathers ferry.. I bought the kit in a bag second hand with as much flash as there was kit plastic. I do like the results. Including three little Fathers! It's not as colorful as other Mayflowers but I really can't imagine a [...]

Revell 1/96 Cutty Sark

Hello all, My second build of this huge sailing ship. I finished her in a late career not so fast moving freight moving sailing ship, a little bit forgotten by her crew.. Allmost full rigging! I'll get there some day.. Kindest regards, [...]


Belgian flag colored Javelin - repost. My deepest thoughts are with the victims. Maurits

SMS Emden Revell 1/350

Hello all, Time for a ship! I'd like to present the SMS Emden from Revell. I bought the duo package with SMS Dresden and one day I'll build the Dresden in mat grey. SMS Emden had quite a sail in WW1, just a bit over 100 years ago. See wiki [...]

Colorful Javelin

Hello, I'd like to present the Airfix Gloster Javelin FAW.9 1/72. I found this kit in my stash and with some free time on my hand decided to build it. A flawless build by the way - no problems at all. Then came the painting and I got a [...]

1/144 weekend modeling

Hello all, I'd like to share with you some thoughts about modeling. I think most of us are aware of the restrictions placed upon us concerning modeling. With restrictions I mean modeling space, financial things, family things, CATS, [...]

Revell whaler Charles W. Morgan 1/110

Hello all, I'd like to present my Revell Charles W. Morgan. I read a lot about this model on the dedicated modeling sites before starting. Wrong sailplan, wrong colours... I just started building and painting according to my vision of a [...]

Some coloring advise for the real thing!

Hello all, I need some advise from all you color-experts at Imodeler. I have a lot of modelships and model flying things but I also have a real boat. It's called 'Lotus' after the Lotus flower and the reason I chose that name isn't really [...]

Revell 1/350 Amerigo Vespucci

Hello, I found this model in a garage sale and immediately went back to my memories as a child in the '80: Sail Amsterdam, Sail Rotterdam, Sail Antwerp... The Amerigo always was a sight to be seen. I also visited the ship a couple of times [...]