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Go Modelling 2015 Vienna. Part two: The Competition.

March 10, 2015 in Show Reports

Go Modelling also contained a modelling contest, where some 350 models took part,
some of which were really top notch. As usual aircraft and military vehicles dominated the exhibition, but nevertheless there were quite a few good models to be seen in other categories as well. As a ship modeller I was pleasantly surprised by the number and the quality of the models in the two ships classes. The model of the HMS Alert was a masterpiece of traditional ship modelling.
I took part with my Roma (article will come) and my USS Buchanan.

USS Buchanan in 1:350

The entire event, exhibition and competition, was very well organised by the members of IPMS-Austria. Being one of the the team that runs 08-OPEN in Stockholm, I know what the what it takes to organise such an event. Hats off and thanks to all you volunteers, who pulled this thing off.

Again, photographing at modelling events is always tricky, so I hope you’ll excuse me for the sometimes less than perfect pictures. Rather than trying to further describe the models, I’ll let them speak for themselves. Enjoy!

34 additional images. Click to enlarge

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6 responses to Go Modelling 2015 Vienna. Part two: The Competition.

  1. Beautiful, are these tanks in 1/72 scale ?

  2. The Alert is masterful. It’s the sort of example that urges closer attention to one’s own projects, knowing there is more to scale modelling than mass produced kits.

    Thanks for posting.

  3. What Rob said, there’s a lot of inspiration here.

  4. Loved the “ghost ship.”

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