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I built plastic models as a kid, quit when 15 and took it up again ca 2002. I build mostly ships in 1:350. I’ve spent large parts of my life in the Stockholm Archipelago and I used to be a very keen sea kayaker. I like to take part in modelling contests and have also done quite a bit of judging.

Scratchbuilding the Duca d’Aosta

I always wanted her. Who? The Duca d’Aosta of course, the Italian Beauty! Between the two World Wars, the Italians built a series of twelve light cruisers in five classes, the so called Condottieri Cruisers. The first classes were weakly buil[...]

08-open in stockholm 13-14 march.

It’s a bit strange, that there has been no article about the 08-OPEN here on imodeler, considering the fact that the founder of the site and some of the editors come from the club that arranges it, IPMS-Stockholm. So, I think it’s about time tha[...]

Festiwal Modelarski in Bytom, Poland – Part two

Here are some of the aircraft, and military vehicles that were to be seen in Bytom this last weekend. These picture galleries do not do justice to the great quality and variation of the models exhibited at the show, but I hope they’ll give a lit[...]

Festiwal Modelarski in Bytom, Poland – Part one

The model show in Bytom is the largest one in Poland and the one with the longest tradition. As opposed to the shows in Telford, Moson and Lingen, where you hear all the languages of Europe when you walk between the tables looking at the models,[...]

French Battleship Dunkerque in 1:350

In 1931, Germany launched the Panzerschiff Deutschland, the first of a class of three commerce raiders, the following ones being the Admiral Scheer and the Graf Spee. These ships were somewhat condescendingly labelled ”pocket battleships” but[...]

My “Model of the Month” award kit just arrived!

I'm very proud and happy to have won the iModeler October award. Today, the price, Trumpeters Richelieu arrived. When I've finished her, I'll have a nice little french collection. It's a typical Trumpeter ship model kit, that is, it's basically[...]

RN Saetta, my first scratch build.

It was inevitable. After building the Roma, where I scratch built a lot of the details, and the Pola, where I scratch built half the model, scratch building an entire ship model was just the next natural step. Especially since I wanted to build [...]

HMS Zinnia in 1:350

The HMS Zinnia was a Flower Class Corvette. This class of ships was quickly developed in the early months of 1939, when it became clear to the Royal Navy, that a war against the submarines of the German Navy might be imminent. The ”Flowers” w[...]

Moson. The place and the people.

Mosonmagyarovar is a small town, situated in the north western corner of Hungary, close to the borders of Slovakia and Austria. This area was once a part of the Habsburg Empire, which explains why the town also has a German name. This may in s[...]

Back to Go Modelling in Vienna.

Three years ago, I took part in Go Modelling in Vienna, the annual modeling show and contest of IPMS-Austria. What makes this event so special is the location in which it is held; das Heeresgeschichtliche Museum Österreichs, the Military Mu[...]