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LS Models “Pitts S2A Canadian Reds” 1/72

May 25, 2015 in Aviation

“Canadian Reds” aerobatic team from Canada
This model I build a teenager in the early eighties
im paint with xtracolor by brush.


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12 responses to LS Models “Pitts S2A Canadian Reds” 1/72

  1. Can’t imagine workin’ with sumthin’ that small AND havin’ it turn out that well. Beautiful job, sir…..exceptional detailing.

  2. Man that is soooooooo small, super job. Did you use a magnifying glass? its wonderful, well done.

  3. That looks so sweet and so so small.
    Great job on the paint and decals.

  4. It looks great P.K. GO CANADA !!!

  5. PK,
    To say I am impressed would be an understatement. This is skillfully gorgeous

  6. P.k said on May 26, 2015

    forty-seven I still do not need glasses close look
    but since the thirteenth year I wear glasses for distance.
    still my specialty kit scale 1/144 WWII.


  7. P.k said on May 26, 2015

    This is my last profile that I was after some circumstances offline. *
    Although the administrator may transfer to my profile picture and close the account.

  8. Awesome work P.k !!!

  9. Nice little bird, P.K. Well done

  10. Love to see a fellow 1/72-modeler do such excellent work!

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