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Spitfire Mk. IXe by Eduard in 1/144 scale

June 2, 2015 in Aviation

Hi everybody who likes Spitfires. Here is my newest creation, a Spit IXe by Eduard in 1 : 144 scale.

A Beautiful gem indeed and a pleasant work. The only things I had to add are the underwing bomb racks and the mirror.

Great job from Eduard!

2 additional images. Click to enlarge

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18 responses to Spitfire Mk. IXe by Eduard in 1/144 scale

  1. You must have the eyes of a hawk, sir….beautiful job! Just think of the display space available if ALL your builds were that scale. 🙂

    • Hi, Mr. Craig

      Thank you for the appreciation. As I am nearly sixty, my eyes need to be boosted by lens and my hands are shivering. I built only airplanes, concerning the history of the Czechoslovak aviation, both civil and military, with the exeptions as the Spitfires and the airliners, no matter what scale they are. Sometimes I will make pics of my collection as a whole, total 140 built plastic models.

      Keep flying high!

      George from the Czech rep.

  2. Amazing, Jiri, and very attractive, I’d be afraid of losing it somewhere!

  3. somebody shrunk your Spitfire !!!



  4. Your Spitfire on its landing strip – a jewel.

  5. Very interesting to see a Spit in Czech markings. Nice work.

  6. Jiri, anyone who can put a rearview mirror on that has my sincere admiration!
    I’ll remember that when I start complaining about some problem in my 48th scale builds.
    Inspirational, show us some more, sometime.

  7. I wish I could see that well in 1/72. Outstanding

  8. Wow, beautiful build especially given the scale, and a great space saver,(I’m with Craig on that). I also really like the markings.

  9. So very nice Mr. Fiala. These are not that easy to make look that convincing. I built a Stuka thinking I would have it done in a afternoon. After all it just a small kit. It took a few days, and I enjoyed it all the way.
    Very cool looking. And I also very much like the markings.
    California Steve

  10. Greetings :
    Speaking of the “PUNCH” derived from a 1/72 scale model.
    WOW nice work.

  11. Dear colleagues.

    Thank you all for your appreciation. It gave me a real kick. Sometimes I will built something simillar. I have bought a Lavočkin La.5FN in that same scale.

    Jiří Fiala

  12. That is in tiny scale, and looks really great
    Fine work sir.

  13. Mine godden,that is beautiful.
    Well executed.

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