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Minicraft 1/144 Douglas Dc-6 ,SAS

September 3, 2015 in Aviation

build from the box,kit full of inaccuracies made for a second chance contest

Twenty years ago,

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11 responses to Minicraft 1/144 Douglas Dc-6 ,SAS

  1. I like it – nice clean build. I haven’t built any 1/144, but can’t imagine how I could improve on what you did!

  2. Don’t know about any “inaccuracies”, but the build looks good from where I’M sittin’. Pretty good size kit for the scale, too.

    • It is rough and difficult to assemble poor line gravure door sideways and every detail simplified.
      decal was pain in the a*s ,disintegrate in contact with water,
      I therefore Primed with Micro decal film fluid that I have to use.

  3. Looks great P. K. I’ve built 10 1/144 kits.

  4. Is that right that there’s just a pronounced discharge across the wings from two of the engines? Wow, must have been a real shocker for passengers!

  5. How about giving us a second chance and show us some more photo’s? I know modesty is a virtue …but, holding out on some modeling junkies can be painful. It looks like the kit was done up right and it would be a shame not to see more of your work P.k

  6. P.k, I’m with Craig. Beautiful build! I’m surprised by the size, too. It doesn’t look as small as I’d thought.

  7. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice one, I’m much with Craig and Bernard, plus in my opinion, you are like selling this model short, more so if one considers the years back.

  8. Splendid Douglas, P.K. Love well made airliners, you are a good “source”!
    Got a half build DC-B from Minicraft, a dog of a kit, guess your kit wasn t really better.
    Excellent !

  9. Nice work, particularly the aluminum sheen–consistent from nose to tail, wings, too.

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