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Telford Walkaround (1)

November 12, 2015 in Show Reports

I’m posting various photo essays of the Telford weekend, of clubs and SIGs, but excluding new products and Competition areas, which have been covered by Martin and Halvar.

46 additional images. Click to enlarge

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4 responses to Telford Walkaround (1)

  1. some are really first class

  2. Always a treat to see the stuff from everyone else. Thanks.

  3. Rob, thank you for all your efforts! I haven’t seen the others, but I’m going to. Lovely choices, lots of inspiration here. Like being in a candy store!
    Wish I could paint figures like these folks! Really first rate! The kids playing around the Anderson(?) shelter is really clever. My kind of kids, reminds me of my childhood. Today, I’d be instituitionalized and on ritalin.

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