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Where’s the driver?!

December 26, 2015 in Diorama

I present the work of my friend. It’s a great person modeler Sergey Barmin.

This is his new work titled 1/43: “Where’s the driver?!”

Enjoy and smile! 🙂

Sincerely, Vlad.

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12 responses to Where’s the driver?!

  1. Once again, Sergey’s work stands out from the crowd. A well executed scene combining vehicles, figures, and landscape in a seemingly effortless combination. Great colour palette as well. Thank’s for posting, Vlad.

  2. Haha, didn’t expect that 🙂 Nice job, great example of diorama with the realistic situation, well presented. Thanks for sharing!

  3. He,he look great diorama whit life story!

  4. Very imaginative…:) – and nicely finished. Pass along my compliments.

  5. And mine! Incredible painting, weathering and details for 1/43rd!

  6. Great work there Sergey, it has all the elements there.

  7. Modeling with a rye sense of humor. A very down to earth sense of humor. Definitely a candidate for models of the month in my book with the creative story line and dio.

  8. Thank you!
    Sergey very glad that you liked it.

    Sincerely, Vlad.

  9. “Master Modeller”.
    Excellent diorama.Did send some pics to my fellow (truckbuilders) clubmembers
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Just saw the whole diorama whole, with all the characters. What can I say- cool!)) Great dyed, have a story, and there is a sense of humor!

  11. Plenty of smiles! Great work!

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