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East of England Show

March 7, 2016 in Show Reports

Every year in early March the East of England Show takes place in Peterborough.

Organised in conjunction with Airfix Model World, it’s the first of the ‘show season’ events in our region and it always attracts a wide variety of modelling interest, with around 25 clubs and SIGs in attendance.

Here are a few walkaround photos of the day.

39 additional images. Click to enlarge

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21 responses to East of England Show

  1. Thanks for posting these, Rob, there’s a good variety on show there, I especially liked the Belkits Ford Fiesta with the Welsh Rally markings.

    • There were a lot of nice cars on view. As there is sometimes criticism here about show reports that concentrate almost solely on aircraft I decided to focus a little more on other subjects.

      As you’d expect though, there were plenty of aircraft about, of the usual ilk – Spitfires, Messerschmitts,, still, all nicely modelled and worth a look.

      By the way, the Welsh rally car is by a member of our own club, and is his pride and joy (We were surprised he took it out of the house!).

  2. Thanks Rob, can’t get to all these shows (although plan to make Southern Expo) so its great to be able see a selection of the work on display – I particularly liked to see the royal horse artillery diorama – thanks again.

  3. Great pics as well as some great modeling. Thanks for posting.

  4. Thanks for sharing Rob…..I always enjoy seeing the work of others. I wish we had more club displays at our IPMS events.

    • As with any similar event, you have examples where enthusiasm outweighs standards of quality, and other quite remarkable projects that sit quietly in the background just waiting to be discovered.

  5. Some wonderful works on display! Can’t ever have too many show report posts!!

  6. Quite the eclectic array of talent there, Rob…..can’t thank you enough for posting this when you did (wink, wink). By the way, is that a Springfield?

  7. Thanks for the report. I like the lady on the motorcycle!

    • She’s in fact a popular steam punk figure but I’m not really taken with the finishes on this one – should be more of a metallic palette in my view – but whaddo I know…

  8. A great variation of genre`s there Rob.
    Good to see some humour there too.
    Thanks for posting.

  9. Some great dioramas. Thanks for the look see.

  10. Very nice Pictures, lots of talented modellers. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for the pictures Rob. As a sometime railway modeller I especially like the tram in your heading photo as well as the steam tractor!.

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