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1:350 IJN YAMATO (work in progress)

April 15, 2016 in Ships

Again, built OOB with some additional PE railings, I hated doing these, so doubtful i’ll add them to future builds!
Lower hull is “Red Oxide” primer, upper hull and super structure is Grey primer (as i did to all my models in the past, seems to work well.) the rest is brush painted.
Great kit from Academy, with plenty of scope for “super-detailing”
Hope you enjoy

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3 responses to 1:350 IJN YAMATO (work in progress)

  1. I know whatcha mean about those fiddly PE parts….what few ships I’ve done didn’t have ’em either.

  2. Looks great so far , you nailed the floatplane.

  3. Great Work! I applaud your gumption in tackling this – you get a lot of model building (and hair pulling and teeth gnashing in my case) for your money with a kit like that.

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